Sunday, September 18, 2011

our princess' room

my boys working on Juliana's room =)

These really makes me more excited for d-day! Our baby girl's room is our little project and we're almost-almost done. Just in time for Julia's coming!

I really love little details. For Julia's room, I chose to re-use almost every item that I can still recycle. Beds, drawers, side tables and even old picture frames =) These saved me a lot! And I love the fact that these are my husband's and mother-in-law's old stuff (supposedly for garage sale) that I managed to re-do and it's really pretty =) Thanks to my cousin in law (Bambi) who helped me in the painting works!

Few more things to add though but we're slowly completing it day by day. Will share more photos soon! =)

Friday, August 26, 2011

cath kidston - some wishlist

Tiny Rose Shopper
I plan to use this as a baby bag :)

Bird Box Bag
Bird Open Tote

Thursday, August 25, 2011

blue room

We finally found the time to re-arrange our boys room yesterday. We transferred Kian as he will soon be sharing room with his kuya because baby girl is taking over his room. This was quite challenging! Kian's toys as expected took a lot of space but of course we still want to give his kuya a breather. We don't want the two boys fighting because of space.

whatta mess!!!!?!

we decided to put kuya's collection of ferrari cars and tech decks in higher shelves to make sure that Kian will not end up destoying them.

kian's toys are easier to reach and we made it more accessible for our little boy

senorito kian watching his favorite vinko of baby genius

now, go ask the little boy if he likes his new room??! ;)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sidcor Sunday Market

There's something about weekend markets that makes me really excited. I actually prefer going to these bazaars and "gulay tiangge" than going to crowded malls on weeekends. It's so nice to learn about so many local produce form different regions. I like buying home-made natural products as well.

I went to Sidcor with my mother-in-law and two titas last Sunday. We arrived Eton Centris (Sidcor's new location) at around 6:30am. I am quite surprised to see how organized it is now compared to my last visit when it was still located in Lung Center in Q.C. The lanes are better than the uphill and muddy walkways of the old Sidcor, easier to walk especially for preggy moms like me :) Nothing's changde though- the market is still packed and very crowded. The parking is very limited so you really have to be there early.

My great finds last Sunday!

wild berries and local cherries from Benguet's Raw Wild Honey

fresh and organic veggies also from Benguet's Raw Wild Honey
( 0917-7545631/ 0919-3000505)
I learned from Nida Danao that they are actually supplying some of goolai's salad ingredients.

fresh basil @ Php15/"guhit" =) I got about 10"guhit"!
I made some fresh pesto sauce last night for pasta and dips. I was able to make 2 big bottles! Big savings instead of buying those bottled basil in the grocer. After dinner, I tried making some hot herbal tea (to that of sonya's, hehe). I boiled the basil and added some freshly squeezed dalandan fruit and honey! very relaxing!

fresh lumpiang ubod @ 3pcs for Php100

wasn't able to get the name of the vendor but I am definitely going back. I ate this for lunch last Sunday and it was indeed very filling. a piece is really huge! it's veggies, so it's healthy :)

my current favorite. i'm a fan of fresh juices. no, no to the powdered juices from the grocer! it's all sugar, believe me ;-) these juices are very refreshing and healthy.

Malunggay Citrus Squeeze @ Php15/cup.

fresh carrot juice (sugar-free) @ 35/pc or 3bottles for Php100

met Ginoong Bukid there too! He's selling freshly baked local breads form Panaderya ni Gng. Bukid -no preservatives. My loots: pandesitos (cute little pandesal) for Kian @ Php70/bag
and Honey Wheat Bread @ Php110/loaf. I am yet to try their best sellers- maja blanca and leche flan after giving birth ( I am trying to regulate my sugar now that I am nearing d-day)

Santol from Bacolod @ Php40/kilo

my husband's only request when I go to the market- local Filipino kakanin.
we got him sapin-sapin, brown puto and kutsinta (Kuya loves this also)

There's so much to buy there. We didn't finish all the lanes anymore coz it was literally -a lot!!! we got tired and hungry :D will probably go back soon, i'll be exploring the plants, herbs and veggie booths.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

kids room

We're excited to re-do our kids room. Our little princess is arriving in less than 3months and it's a challenge for me and hubby as we need to make do with the available rooms in the house. Kuya Kyle and Kian are presently enjoying their own separate rooms. Now, the boys will have to share and sacrifice for their little sister :)

I found these really cute stuffs on-line for the kids room!

We'll have Kian's (used-to-be) room painted this September to make it look more girly :) I'll probably stick to the traditional white and pastel pink theme for little girls. I also like some flowery notes so I thought of working wth my hands and go back-to-basics with--- cross-stitch!!! Oh, I just realized that i've adorned flowers so much during this pregnancy. I would go out of my way to get them from weekend markets to put in the house, particularly in our dining area. Fresh flowers are so nice to look at;and it makes the feel of the house so relaxed and vibrant at the same time.

Kyle and Kian (inspite the age gap) will surely enjoy each other's company in their new room. At a very yourng age, Kian is adapting his kuya's interests already. They both like playing cars (those small hotwheels that is!), tonka trucks & trains. They enjoy playing basketball also! The little boy would imitate kuya's moves as if he's a big boy already. I know their room will be that messy and will never be clutter-free for the time being but who cares?!! Can we just let them enjoy their childhood for now...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

weekend therapy

I had to work on a Sunday. The team is actually aiming to finish some deliverables for this quarter so we had to sacrifice our weekends for work :( I felt so sad and tired... these flowers made my day! got them from Legazpi Sunday Market after our meeting! The color is lovely isn't it?! :)

I thought of little project for our baby girl's room :) can't wait to start working with my hands!

Officemates requested if I can cook pasta for Monday lunch. We had our sort-of-potluck for lunch. Exag!!! busog to the highest level:D We had home-made fruit salad and leche flan from Conti's too.

Spicy Tuna Pasta

canned tuna in brine/water
olives & capers
extra virgin olive oil
fresh basil & italian seasoning
salt, pepper and lotsa chili flakes!!!

simple and easy friends! try it at home too! :)